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The Single Stage Paint Pen

Single Paint Pen

TUPP Also offers the single stage paint pen; the one-step alternative that carries all the benefits of The Ultimate Paint Pen in a single stage operation.

Ergonomic, light and easy to use, it is ideal for production line application. It allows quick, one-step repairs of small scratches and nicks that may appear along the manufacturing process of any painted materials. It will meet the highest color matching expectations. Primer and clear coating pens are also available.

With labels personalized to your company image, supply it to your customers with every new equipment. They'll appreciate your concern for them to maintain their machinery in their original mint shapes.

Like The Ultimate Paint Pen, the patented valve mechanism and gravity action of the single stage paint pen will give you an even flow of all components assuring the same particularities and brightness of the original finish. An edged polyester fibre tip allows accuracy and can be removed to be cleaned or replaced.

The single stage paint pen has a closed opaque container preventing accidental spills, hardening of the paint and color change due to light exposure before the application.


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