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History Timeline

The idea of creating TUPP came from a simple scratch and the search of a good colour matching touch up product. Since what was found locally was not satisfactory, the search was extended and a single container pen was found. Other than the colour match, this pen had many advantages. The valve mechanism allowing the paint to flow offered a good control of the quantity of paint applied, the opaque container kept the paint from being affected by light, therefore assuring the colour to remain as it was originally and the ergonomy of the pen made it easy to use.

Then, since most cars were painted with a basecoat/clearcoat technology, it was decided to create a product that would reproduce this type of application. The foreseen problem was that it would take two pens to make a complete scratch repair and the goal was to do it in a single unit. The idea of a two containers pen with an applicator on each end was easy to have. The challenge was to realize it in a way that would be practical and economical to be able to compete with the existing touch up paint products on the market. Many prototypes were made, and after two years of testing and research of the right materials, the first Ultimate Paint Pen was assembled.

The next step was to convince OEM car manufacturers to take it as their genuine part touch up paint product.

Believing, determination and hard work started TUPP’s history.


Development of TUPP's flagship product, The Ultimate Paint Pen, the only touch up tool that combines the basecoat/clearcoat technology in a single dual-function unit.

TUPP gets its first supplying agreement with a major OEM car manufacturer in Canada


Three more OEM car manufacturers in Canada join TUPP’s customer base


The growing demand had TUPP move into new manufacturing facilities allowing faster response and production of bigger volumes

A direct supplying partnership is established with a leading paint manufacturer that will give TUPP access to the highest quality automotive and industrial paint technology, ensuring that every color produced by TUPP is a perfect match.


TUPP is asked to supply the industrial division of one of its customer. The production of aerosol paint begins.


The company reinforces its quality positioning by getting the ISO 9001-2000 Certification.

TUPP gets its first agreement with a major OEM car manufacturer to deserve the U.S. market

Over 1500 OEM car dealerships are now served throughout North America.


Acquiring new manufacturing technology, supported by a rigorous Quality Control Program, TUPP sets new quality and efficiency standards for the industry.


Modernisation of all aspects of the company’s organisation with new computerized systems and color matching supporting equipment give TUPP the edge it needs to become a reference in color matching and touch up solutions in North America


Hard work and respect of the continuous improvement program convinced more OEM car manufacturers to join TUPP

Over 2500 OEM car dealerships are now served throughout North America.


TUPP receives the "Gold Achievement Award" from Toyota Canada for the quality of its products and the efficiency of its services.


TUPP receives the "Platinum Achievement Award" from Toyota Canada for the quality of its products and the efficiency of its services.


Ten years after its creation, TUPP is clearly recognized as a leader in OEM colour matching touch up paint. Other industries are now asking TUPP to develop for them touch up solutions that will enable them to produce higher quality finished products and to better serve their customers.

Over 3500 OEM car dealerships are now served throughout North America.


The company upgrades its Quality Control Program and gets the ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

TUPP launches its new line of touch up solutions for the Agro and Industrial equipment manufacturers. With products adapted for these industries, TUPP enters into a new segment of its evolution and strives to become a benchmark in all aspect of touch up repairs for years to come.